We are living in the era of Enlightenment

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Do You Really Know Who You Are?

“In this vast Universe…! Why are you here? Who are you?
Look inside you! Let Go Of Everything That You Are Not!
Rise Up Warriors Of The Light!

Awakening Teachings《覺醒教導》

Keep moving forward in your development as a Soul!

Everything is changing.
As a Soul You Have to Evolve!

Everything is constantly changing.
Everything is Transforming!

Nothing remains the same in existence.
Do you want to remain the same?

How can you remain the same?

The earth is a living being and she is moving into a new dimension.
So Do We!

We are part of this change!

We are living in the era of Enlightenment!
More and More People are Awakening Everyday!

It is a time of change.
Grab the Opportunity

The old is dying and the new is about to be born.
Evolve Spiritually
Open you eyes and
Free your Mind

We are now experiencing the birth of the new.
Break all your habitual patterns

We are transitioning to a new dimension together with the earth.
Raise Higher!
This is your Chance!
Be in a Higher State of Mind!

Many things are happening on the planet because the vibrations are changing.
And we are changing with it.
Let Go
be dragged

More people are in the process of awakening now than ever before.
In the gap between thoughts
nonconceptual wisdom shines continuously.


You have to get rid of Karma, stop the repetition.
You have to Let Go and you have to Forgive.
Anything that takes away your Inner Peace, drop it now.
Know Thyself
Nothing to Excess
Certainty brings Insanity

–Delphic Maxim

A young man asked a Zen Master:
“How can I become a person who is happy and brings happiness to others?”
The wise man laughed:
“There are four realms that you have to perceive and you will experience Inner Happiness”:
First, you must “perceive yourself as others, this is “Selflessness”;
Next, “perceive others as yourself”, “this is “Compassion”;
Then, “perceive others as others”, “this is “Wisdom”;
Finally, “Look Inside You”, “this is Realization – Free from Suffering.”

–Zen Teaching

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Μετάφραση Ζεν (Τσαν) Διδασκαλίας – Σύνταξη άρθρου – Δημιουργία Βίντεο Awakening Teachings
禅故事翻譯者——文章作者——Awakening Teachings《觉醒教导》 視頻作者
禅故事翻译者——文章作者——Awakening Teachings《覺醒教導》 视频作者
Translation of the Zen Teaching – Author of the article – Awakening Teachings Video Creator
Σανιδόπουλος Νικόλαος – Sanidopoulos Nikolaos / 釋延濟 – 释延济(Shì Yán Jì)
34ης Γενεάς του Σαολίν – 34th Generation from Shaolin Temple
少林34代釋延濟師父 – 少林34代释延济师父

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