Buddha’s Teachings – The Third Wife

“ Beautiful skins are all the same, an interesting soul is one in a million!”

Shakyamuni Buddha (Gautama Buddha)

The Four Wives

The Third Wife

Buddha’s Life Lessons -The Four Wives “The Third Wife’ | Wisdom | Spirituality

Shakyamuni Buddha in one of his teachings to his disciples used the example of a businessman that was married to four wives: The first wife was smart and cute, and accompanied him like a shadow; the second wife was snatched by him, beautiful and enviable; The third wife, was taking care of his daily chores, not let him worry about life; the fourth wife, was the busiest all day, but he didn’t know what she was busy with.

The businessman was going to travel far, and because of the hard journey, he asked which wife was willing to accompany him.

The third wife said: “I can’t endure the hardships of an arduous journey, I will send you to the outskirts of the city at most!”

Shakyamuni Buddha said to everyone, “Do you understand? The third wife is you too!”

The third wife refers to his wife, who depended on each other for life, but separated after death;

Another version of this story is that there was a king who had four wives and he was on his deathbed. He was afraid of being alone in the afterlife, so he asked the wives one by one: “Would you die with me, will you come with me to the afterlife?”

The third wife has always been there for him when he needed her, she replied: “I am sorry that I cannot help you this time, but don’t worry, I will arrange your funeral and I will also attend your funeral.”


The third wife represents our friends and family. When we need them, they are always there for us, we trust them. But they are for us as long as we are alive, the last place they can go with us is to our funeral.

What is more, realize that everyone one day will have to leave this world behind. Do not get attached to people also by means of them bringing you happiness. Does that mean that you will have to become like a block of ice and stay away from everybody?

Not at All! Have a great time with them, enjoy living with them in space and time, have a cup of tea but happiness is an inner thing.

Like the two wives above, you will have to leave them behind first or they will have to leave you first behind. Like us as Souls, as Light Beings are involving, so do they. Remember we are together on this planet, but the inner journey of everybody is unique, the soul evolution is at different stages.

Although the Inner journey of everybody is unique, the destination is the same, there are different avenues and highways to choose from so you can get there. Most of the time most people won’t do as we like and vice versa.

Do not depend your happiness on others. Being happy as a person and giving freedom to others to be themselves is True Love.

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