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ZEN Master Nikos Sanidopoulos – Shi Yán Jì [Chinese: Shì Yán Jì 释延济] 34th Generation of Shaolin was born in Greece, in the city of Athens in 1982. From a very early age he began his inner search and practiced esoteric arts and techniques such as Shaolin Kung Fu, Qi Gong, Tai Chi Chuan (Tai Ji Quan) and Meditation.

With his practice with the above, he also started looking at Chinese Philosophy at the same time, he always wanted to learn Chinese, but he had never started, so he settled for translations of these into English.

Chinese was very interesting to him because it was very different from other languages, he always wondered what a Chinese character would want to say.

One day he decided to go to China to study the Chinese Language. He stayed four years in China, in the years 2012-2016, studied at the University learning Chinese and at the same time earned a Bachelor Business Chinese degree in Chinese. He passed the Chinese State Assessment Exam with which he could only graduate! He graduated with Honors in Business Chinese in the year 2016 and holds a state diploma in the Chinese language. During his studies he took many extra courses at the University with his favorites being Ancient Chinese and Chinese Calligraphy, others such as Tourist Chinese, Chinese Etiquette and many others were interesting but can’t compare to Ancient Chinese and Chinese Calligraphy.

Today, having returned to Greece for many years, coming to an understanding of what one must do to evolve, he is a Master of all four mentioned above (Shaolin Kung Fu, Qi Gong, Tai Chi Chuan and Meditation).

At the same time as he returned to Greece, he started working with Reiki and energy therapies. Today he is a Master Degree in Usui Reiki Ryoho, a Master Degree in Lightarian Reiki and is in the process of learning Lightarian Rays Reiki. He also discovered Whirling which he enjoyed immensely and still does today.

While it was never his intention to engage in translation of texts, his love of Chinese Philosophy and esoteric texts with a particular zeal for the Chinese Buddhist and Taoist Sutras, led him from the time he went to China to slowly begin translating to understand what the texts say, whether they are ‘the same’ as the English translations, that is, whether the information is transferred correctly in the translated texts, but also to constantly to improve his Chinese level.

China was the starting point in the inquiring but not the end!

You only have to open your eyes, free the Mind and cleanse the Heart and then everything is connected and Existence speaks to you through everything. The Teaching – Information for the observer is everywhere: In the practice of esoteric arts, in dancing, in philosophy, in mythology, in myths, in the Sutras, in the Scriptures, in the texts, in the Homeric Epics, in the Mahabharata and the Ramayana, in music, in poetry, in painting, in animation, in computer programming languages, in the flow of water, in the blowing of the wind, in the flame of a candle, the movement of the Earth around its axis, around the Sun but also in the stability of her soil and even in daily activities such as cooking, sweeping and painting. Whatever we do during the day, we always have the opportunity to concentrate on what we are doing and detach from the psychological-physical self.

This website was not created to classify the character Nikos Sanidopoulos among the great Masters of the time, but because it is everyone’s duty to share the knowledge, the information, the code, the methodology with the fellow human beings of this World, firstly because it does not belong to us, which means that the knowledge, the information, the code, the methodology were not here only for us to find, so we cannot keep them to ourselves – meaning any understanding and explanation of the Way in terms of methodology and not in terms of experience (this must be experienced by everyone alone separately). Secondly, because we all have a duty to contribute to the evolutionary path of each soul by leaving work behind and when a Soul is ready to search to find, to have the ability to be able to find and thirdly because Nikos feels the need to share his personal experiences, namely that everything is One and that although we experience it individually we should awaken to the Greatest Truth, that everything is One, we contain the All as the All contains us, we are a part of it and it is a part of us.

CHAN “禅” - ZEN

Just as we cannot say that only one country has water, fire, soil, air, just as we cannot say that only from one side of the Earth we can see the Sky, the Sun, the Moon and the Stars, so we cannot say that we can only be led to Spiritual Awakening only by a specific Inner Tradition or that only one Inner Tradition has the methodology for Spiritual Awakening. Awakening to the Truth is like wanting to go somewhere with your car and choosing whether to go this way or that way, either way if we start and don’t give up we will get there, we just have to see which Way is the one we like, who suits us best.

Truth is revealed through Zen and Zen reveals the Truth! So Zen is in Everything and Everything is Zen!

We are not referring to the Zen Teachings or more correctly the Chan “禅” Teachings which was passed from China to Japan and named Zen because of the Japanese language, “禅” is a Chinese character and not a Japanese one, but the Japanese also use it.

We refer to Chan (Zen) as Awakening, Successive Experiential Awakenings or Realizations that lead you to Perfect Experiential Awakening and Ultimate Truth. Experiential Awakening can therefore include any way and method that can bring the observer to the point of Awakening and does not belong to just one tradition.

Thus Awakening Teachings  deals with an “All Inclusive Zen Approach” which includes every theoretical and practical tool from whatever tradition and part of the world it comes from. And under the umbrella of All Inclusive Zen (Holistic Zen – Holistic Awakening) there will be articles, ‘manuals’ of methodology to Awakening from all traditions!!!

Awakening Teachings is a Vibrant Spiritual Library!!!


Awakening Teachings is pleased to announce that in the new year, will start experiential seminars on the practice of inner arts and analysis of what we will be practicing will be held. Analysis will complement practice and practice will complement analysis.

But every person is not the same! Some people by receiving the methodology practice and some people by practicing understand the methodology.

Some by receiving the information revise and put it into practice and some people by practicing receive the information and revise! In the Experiential Seminars of Awakening Teachings, you will learn how to become masters of yourself again and how to move towards Experiential Awakening from whatever category you come from, either from the world of reading or from the world of practice!

Why are you searching through the texts, isn’t it because you’re looking to break free? Why do you practice the inner arts, isn’t it because you’re looking to break free? In both cases you are looking to break the limits, the ones you set for yourself, the ones that imprison you, that limit you! The limits with which you accepted mediocrity and nihilism as an attitude and by extension as a life experience, but this will soon change!

The purpose of the Awakening Teachings seminars is to motivate each person to know his Real Self which is none other than his Divine Nature & Essence, his Divine Existence! We are God’s children, his creations and therefore divine. But how long will we expect God to help us, by constantly asking him to do what we have to do? Even the parents through whom we came into this world wait for us to grow up and stop relying on them all the time, not because they don’t want to help but because they fear that we will become soft and unable to manage situations, cope with our life!

“Not only Athena but also move your hands” said the Goddess Athena to the rich Athenian shipwrecked man, who instead of trying to save himself by swimming, begged the Goddess Athena to come and save him. “Not only Athena but also move your hands” means besides Athena, move your hands too. It is not enough to just call on God or whatever you believe in to help you, but you must become the Master of your life, take the steering wheel of life in your hands, direct your life where you want yourself and make the effort you need yourself to reach the desired result, turn the wheel which means deciding where you want to go. It is you who will have to decide and you yourself who will have to mobilize!

The time has come when humanity must mature and rise to ‘higher levels’ of Spirituality.

However, theory only is not enough, which is the code that conveys the information to you, but the practice, the application of the theory, is also needed. What is the point of understanding something without applying it or applying something you don’t understand. We need both the information and the application, otherwise we would not have the mind and mouth to communicate the information, nor the body to apply it as a quality of life. There are souls out there who read without understanding the information the word conveys so that they can apply it and instead they only stay on the surface of the words and just parrot them without having any change in their daily lives. But there are also souls out there who deal with the inner arts for example, which souls apply kinesiology without understanding why they do it and so they stay in the superficial part of the movements, without being able to see what it offers them and how to fit it into the their everyday life.

At Awakening Teachings, we know the danger of language, that it can mislead the listeners into thinking they know and are evolving. We certainly don’t mean talking non-stop and chattering, but instead we mean giving them as much as they need each time, when the listeners are ready, to give them the next piece of information. At the same time, we also know the danger of the practice that it can lead the practitioner into the delusion of thinking that only through kinesiology will he see, understand. And in this case also, when the practitioner is ready, we should explain to him about the movement and why he is doing it. In both cases, the only thing certain is that it will need to be understood, what is it that what you are reading wants to reveal to you or what it is that what you are practicing wants to reveal to you. However, experiential experience is arguably the most important, and all tools are welcome, but if you don’t dig deep, tools alone won’t help you. The screwdriver alone will not screw in the screw, you have to participate in the screwing as well.

Observation is very important in Experiential Awakening. Whether you read or practice, you should observe and deepen. Sometimes it is true to first let go in order to understand and sometimes first to understand in order to let go, it is a matter of understanding which is not the same in every person. Both are correct depending on the situation and the student. In both cases there should be concentration, so that the psychological Mind does not run where it wants, because in this way you will neither let go nor understand.

Observe your everyday life, if what you learned either theoretically or through movement has changed you for the better, if you have taken steps towards your evolutionary path.

It’s time for the content of the “About Us” page to come to an end. After an explanatory analysis of the two types of seekers, you would understand that the Awakening Teachings (Holistic Approach to Awakening-ZEN) Experiential Awakening Seminars are for everyone and every type of person!

We really are all Unique!

Enjoy browsing the Awakening Teachings Website! Happy reading and Happy Apocalyptic Reflections.

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Always Move On and Be Blessed!